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  1. instant noodles

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    • 1. 速食麵 I need a package of instant noodles. 我需要一包速食麵。 A: I bought several packages of instant noodles. B: So did I. 甲: 我買了幾包的速食麵。 乙: 我也買了。
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    • 請問泡麵的牛肉口味英文怎麼說??

      泡麵的牛肉口味英文~~ Instant beef flavored noodle Instant beef noodles Instant noodles with beef stew flavor ~~紅燒牛肉麵...

    • Please check these sentences

      1.There is a bowl of instant noodles. Please give me the noodles. I don’t know what occasion...

    • cook a noodles

      ..., or anything you want into your dish. That will make your instant noodles special and unique. It takes time to cook. So be patient. ...