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    • 請問誰能幫我把insteadinstead of 造句

      ... it to my mother instead. 譯: 他沒把錢給我 卻(反而)給了我媽媽 instead of 是片語 後面接名詞 有2意思 1~代替 句: You don't have to worry...

    • 9句英文造句

      1. I want to eat hamburgers today instead of rice. 我今天想要吃漢堡而不是白飯。 2. Everyone...都想咬人類。 8. The web is a good resource of information. 網路是資訊的好源頭。 9. To give up...

    • 英文片語造句

      ... own bag. On the other hand, it will help protect our earth. 21.instead of Mary went to Taipei instead of Taichung.