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    • 請大大們幫忙 翻一下 下面的英文喔

      不要教你的祖母吸蛋 不要試著在他們有兩次你的經驗和專長的技術方面教某人。 這一句諺語在充滿不適當新的觀念的年輕的人有時被引述: 由於浴缸裡的水不要把嬰兒趕出去 當免除一個不必要元素的系統時候確定,你不丟棄必要的東西: 不要在大眾面前洗髒衣褲 不要當眾討論不...

    • 英文句子重組

      ...back the answer as a series of Chinese characters exactly as the book instructs. A But someone outside the room only sees a question go in and sees an answer come out. C It look like the person in the room...

    • 請幫我用10個片語變成英文文章!!(急)謝謝

      ... an extravagant turkey feast. Someone at the village was green with...wealth. The guy sneaked in and set fire upon the barn and it wasn...rdquo; Thereby the ghost instructed me where to find the proof to...