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  1. PyDict


    • 受教育的;得到指示的
    • 釋義

    • 1. 受教育的
    • 2. 得到指示的
    • 3. 被委派的
  2. 知識+

    • 請問兩個動詞 instruct, force

      Instruct 主動He instructed me to deliver it to a customer 被動...

    • 商英中翻英 請幫忙檢查文法對不對

      ... got your e-mail and he instructed me to reply you as below: 建議:Mr...’ll hold the cargo and wait for your instructions to arrange the shipment. 建議:As advised...

    • 依客戶指定...翻譯

      ...補充: 感謝 roujenho 大師補充 "顏色依客戶指定"...color shall follow the instruction of the customer. 或是 Color -- as instructed by the customer. 客戶...