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  1. instruction sheet

    • n.
      a sheet of paper giving instructions
    • noun: instruction sheet, plural noun: instruction sheets

    • 釋義


    • 1. a sheet of paper giving instructions a separate instruction sheet provided a brief description of the task
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      ...inner box 10 inner boxes/carton Remark: Is Chinese instruction sheet included in each box? Thank you for your attention and ...

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      ... weight. 正確的使用量應該依個人體重來分配 Refer to your instruction sheet for more detailed directions.詳細的使用說明請參見產品用法說明...

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      ...preparation of food and drinks and the services.5.Prepares menu and instruction sheets for each banquet or party.→準備每個宴會或派對的菜單介紹Prepare the menu...