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  1. instructions cache

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    • 英翻中~請幫我翻成中文

      ... system 分散式系統 parallel system 平行式系統 os =operation system 作業系統 cache 快取 basic instruction cycle 基本指令循環 systemcall 系統呼叫

    • 請求英文高手 救救英文白癡 幫忙翻譯這一段 a DRAM with a latency of 100 ns (no caches)= 100 cycles. 考慮在被連接到一個 100 ... and is capable of executing four instructions in each cycle of 1 ns. The peak processor...

    • 請解析此句英文

      ...which case 通常都指前面剛提到的狀況發生的話 (會如何如何) write-back: A cache architecture in which data is only written to main memory when it is...