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    • 智力,聰明,理解力;情報,諜報
    • 釋義
    • 1. 智力,聰明,理解力
    • 2. 情報,諜報
    • 3. 資訊
  2. 知識+

    • 'intelligence committees'的含義?

      ...版主您好~~ 這段主旨與行政、立法機關之間權責有關。 intelligence committee您在新聞報導一定有聽過,叫做「情報委員會.../blogs/politicalticker/2006/12/incoming-house-intelligence-chief.html) Director Turner 推測應是...

    • (急)intelligence influence SLA?

      Intelligence may influence the acquisition of some skills associated with influence the acquisition of oral fluency skills. To put it another way, intelligence may be a powerful predictor of success in classroom SLA, particularly when this ...

    • Artificial Intelligence

      Well,the abbreviation of Artificial Intelligence is A.I. You must hear that before. It was...