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    • 想要,打算;打算使…為
    • 釋義

    • 1. 想要,打算
    • 2. 打算使…為
    • 3. 意指,意思是
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    • tend to,seem 和 supposed to不同, which is to teach youngsters. This term uses tend in the sense of "attend." 2. Be disposed or inclined...

    • 英文which tends to

      ...開支,間接讓投資下降。 An increase in government spending with no change in the money supply decreases investment indirectly by increasing the demand for money which tends to increase interest rates. 設G...

    • 對於旅遊的口語稿書寫問題

      ... for three weeks. We had to sleep outside in tends! Every day was a run-of-the-mill experinece: Get up, eat bad...