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    • ditric optics interference fil

      Ditric Optics interference filters: Ditric Optics, Inc., Marlboro, Massachusetts...

    • 幫忙翻一下~不要翻譯軟體低

      TiO2有很多傑出視覺,電和 使它適於種類的化學性能 薄膜應用 [4,5 ]. Rutile TiO2 電影有極好 在可見的範圍內的視覺的透明度,高折射 索引和化學穩定性,使它非常有吸引力 供使用光涂膜(例如非導電性干擾 過濾器,多層鏡子和antireflective 薄層,等等...

    • 中翻英 (About SPAM .) 急

      ... all just about.We have to figure out some interferences that solve a method to aim at letter, for example: In...enactment;Install the anti- garbage letter software, filter not clear garbage of background in order to;Educate...