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  1. internal auditing


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    • what is 內部稽核員 do?

      An internal Auditor is a person who audit a business or a person. They are getting an interview at Internal Auditing Department, and you don’t even know...

    • The Audit process

      ...事先建立或學得所謂的「共同語言」(包含the Quality Language or Internal Auditing),才能夠著手進行系統稽核。 *** 因為主系統也是運用相同的方式、架構組織上來...

    • 煩請英文達人幫忙英翻中(如內容)

      ... independent investigation, or one that isconducted objectively with the help of internal audit or compliance, can boostmorale within the organization by showing that even in difficult...