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    • 威脅,恐嚇,脅迫
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    • intimidating 意思?

      都不同吧! intimidating 令人望而生畏 只是讓人因為不安 所產生的自我防衛感 程度上 還是 controllable...

    • let's disscuss this ..英翻中@@

      ...experience, and wisdom. 他把他那精湛的知識、經驗與才智傳授給我們. 3. i feel intimidated by the amount of competitionfemales were supposed to go...

    • 徵英文高手~英文五個句子

      ...interfere in your business. 強力或積極應付干預您的業務的同事。 5. Be intimidating with coworkers when it will help you get your job done. 以...