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    • 本質的,原有的,真正的
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    • 翻譯 There is nothing in the... more suitable for women...適合女性來從事 there is nothing in the intrinsic nature of the work沒有什麼比這工作內在的本質 先翻work 再翻 in the intrinsic nature...

    • 拜託英文高手幫幫忙..英翻中 謝謝

      Although creativity research has relied on intrinsic motivation theory, few studies have tested the mediating role of...

    • 9個單字的英英解釋

      ...something 6.savor:to enjoy food or a pleasant experience as much and as slowly as possible 7.intrinsic:An intrinsic quality or thing forms part of the basic character of something...