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  1. introduce

    • IPA[ˌɪntrəˈdjuːs]



    • vt.
      介紹; 使…相互認識;主持
    • 過去式:introduced 過去分詞:introduced 現在分詞:introducing

    • 釋義
    • 同反義


    • 1. 介紹; 使…相互認識 to introduce sb. to sb. 把某人介紹給某人 he was introduced to the queen 他被引見給女王
    • 2. 主持
    • 3. 引出 to introduce sth. with sth. 用某事物作…的開場白 each chapter is introduced by a quotation 每章的開頭都有一段引文
    • 4. 使初次了解 to introduce sb. to sth. 使某人初次接觸某事物 the foundation course introduces students to the basics 基礎課程向學生介紹基礎知識
    • 5. 初次提及 two new characters are introduced in Chapter 6 第6章出現了兩個新人物 to try to introduce the subject into the conversation 試圖將話題引入到談話中
    • 6. 引入; 傳入; 添加; 偷偷帶入 let's introduce a bit of colour 我們來添加一點色彩 it introduced a bit of drama into our lives 它為我們的生活帶來了一些戲劇性
    • 7. 推行 new legislation has just been introduced 新法律剛剛開始實施 the company is introducing a new model next year 公司明年將推出一種新型產品
    • 8. 將…提交討論 to introduce a bill 提交議案
    • 9. 插入; 添入


    1. bring (something, especially a product, measure, or concept) into use or operation for the first time

    2. present (a new piece of legislation) for debate in a legislative assembly

    3. make (someone) known by name to another in person, especially formally

    4. insert or bring into something

    5. (of a person) provide an opening explanation or announcement for (a television or radio programme, book, etc.)


    「1. bring (something, especially a product, measure, or concept) into use or operation for the first time」的反義字

    「2. insert or bring into something」的反義字

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