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  1. PyDict


    • 帶領;輸入,傳入
    • 釋義

    • 1. 帶領
    • 2. 輸入,傳入
    • 3. 介紹
    • 4. 作為的開頭
  2. 知識+

    • introduce的問題

      被動用法 A)introduce 某人 to 某人 I was introduced to the prersident.  有人...introduced by Mary. 下面的一個節目由xx所主持 主動用法 C)introduce 引導某人 to 接觸某事物 My younger brother introduced...

    • INTRODUCE MYSELF自我介紹(中翻英)

      My name is Bruce, I'm a bit nervous. I'm very happy to be named the "little teacher" for English. My birthday is on the nineth of February, which makes me an Aqaurian. My dream is to be as...

    • simple introduce myself~~~

      Well, at first I'm glad to introduce myself. i think it will be better if you say," first of all...