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    introduce yourself
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    introduce oneself

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    • 正式英文面試時候可能問哪些問題? *20點*

      introduce yourself- 1.What is your name? 名字 自我介紹 2.Where ...--why No--why?你對你的主修科目有興趣嗎 5.What is your last job?你上個工作是做什麼的? 6.Do you have work experience?你有工作經驗...

    • 麻煩回答以下英文問句

      ...麻煩回答以下英文問句 1.Could you briefly introduce yourself? 1. 您能否簡要介紹一下你自己嗎? Yes...不過,每週末我在便利店兼職工作 3.Why do you want to work at our company?你為什麼想要到...

    • 兩題生活英語的英譯中!!!

      ... is your first day to the company, I would like to introduce you to everybody. 1. 我昨晚在他的信箱留言了 I left him a message in...