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  1. introduced

    • introduce的動詞過去式、過去分詞
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    • introduce的問題

      被動用法 A)introduce 某人 to 某人 I was introduced to the prersident.  有人...introduced by Mary. 下面的一個節目由xx所主持 主動用法 C)introduce 引導某人 to 接觸某事物 My younger brother introduced...

    • simple introduce myself~~~

      Well, at first I'm glad to introduce myself. i think it will be better if you say," first of all...

    • Introduce the 英文檢定書

      英文檢定書: English Proficiency Certification. Basically, you can try both GEPT or TOEIC which can certify your english level and be widely adapted as a recognizable certification. but essentially, i still regard the most useful way for you...