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    • 發明,創造;捏造,虛構
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    • inventinvention的差別

      invent 動詞 1.make or design (sth that did not exist before); create by thought發現;創造 ex:Laszlo Biro invented the ball-point pen. 拉斯洛●拜羅發明了圓珠筆. 2. mka eup or think of (esp sth...

    • create 和 invent 有何不同?

      ...quot;魚兒"的說法,並補充如下:create, compose, design, invent, make, 和 produce這些字都是用來表示一些以前不存在的...由沒有參與產品的creating, designing 或 inventing 的人去執行。例如:Factories that produce the light...

    • invest.invent例句

      Invent 1.Cell phone was invented in 1973 2. We must invent an excuse for being late 3. If I could invent one product, it would be the disappearing machine. Invest 1. ...