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    • 發明,創作能力,虛構的故事
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    • 這段英文 invention 需要加s嗎?

      No invention has received more praise and abuse than the Internet. the...多樣的發明??? 不需要, 因為後面是單數動詞has received. 要換成inventions也可以, 後面跟著改為have received. 注意Internet要加the. praise...

    • invent 和invention的差別

      ...invent a better excuse than that? 你就不能編造一個高明一點的藉口嗎? ◎invention 名詞 1. (a) action of inventing 發現/創造/虛構/捏造 ex: the invention...

    • People describing inventions

      My invention is flat and round and has a very small hole right in the middle of it...