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    • 兩題英文問題 20點 急

      ... to our party? a invite b to invite c inviting d to inviting The correct answer is D_to inviting. 本題為詢問 ....怎樣? / ......如何呢?該...

    • answer?respond?

      ...就有很大的差別: 它就是報告 負責的意思 例: I answer (only) to the president of the USA. = 我(只)向美總負責... own me $20 is to give you a chance to invite me for a date. All boys I know...

    • Is "Me too" a suitable answer?

      ... an elliptical way of saying “[She invited] me too.” Here, “I too” would Who is there? If you go and answer the door, then you will hear "it's me"...