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    • Liberty Savings and Loan是什麼意思?

      ...former Chief of Staff has implicated me in a scandal involving First Liberty Savings and Loan, and once people start talking...

    • 自掃門前雪

      ...worry about one's own affairs; to not involve oneself in other's affairs 至於After...法國的居民被分成3個等級:教士(The First Estate consisted of the clergy...

    • 此動名詞片語句子的改寫,請指正

      ...另一篇我覺得其他網兄已經說的很清楚了. 2006-12-28 22:09:28 補充: 的確 to involve oneself in 的用法較為常見, 感謝您的提醒. 但是 with 也有人用(甚至into都有). 而 to be...