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    • 裏面的,內部的;向內的,進來的
    • 釋義
    • 1. 裏面的,內部的
    • 2. 向內的,進來的
    • 3. 內地的裏面,內部
    • 4. 內臟,腸胃向內
  2. 知識+

    • 請教 外國輸入品艙單 的英文??

      Inward Foreign Manifests IFMs 外國輸入品艙單

    • can you translate its chinese

      ...snort---哼著鼻子說 manor---地主的田地;宅邸 glinting---閃爍 fountain---噴泉 inward---內部的 dimly---朦朧地 decorated---裝飾 strode---大步 (stride過去式...

    • as that by which 的文法解析

      ... outward by an angle equal to that by which it bent inward. The sunlight bends outward by the same angle bends outward by the angle by which it bent inward when it entered the water.