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  1. Iron Gate

    • ph.
      a gorge through which a section of the River Danube flows, forming part of the boundary between Romania and Serbia. Navigation was improved by means of a ship canal constructed through it in 1896.
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    • IPA[ˈī(ə)rn ˌɡāt]
    • ph.
      a gorge through which a section of the Danube River flows and forms part of the boundary ...

    Oxford American Dictionary

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    • The boys crouched down .......

      the boys 為主詞 crouch 為主要動詞 next to the rusted iron gate 修飾 bushes 而leading to her yard 又修飾 gate 因此翻為 那些男孩蹲伏在一個面向她花園的生鏽鐵門旁的草叢

    • 請問英文高手們兩句英翻中join the faithful

      ...candle放置的位子 that =windowaill windowaill was barred on the outside with an iron gate 窗台的外面被一個鐵窗堵住了 一根蠟燭放在突出的小窗戶上面,外面己經被一個...

    • 請問一下這句英文該如何解釋?

      ...into them,running off into the distance beyond the pair of impressive wrough-iron gates barring the men's way. 試著翻譯看看:這高聳的圍籬凸向他們...