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    • 幫我看這文法哪裡有問題?

      ...可更強列的感情投入 ... whom I emulate. 我會仿傚/模仿... 用詞亦跟動畫animation的aminate有諧音的回應對照作用,增強結束全篇的閱讀感。

    • 請英文比較好的人幫忙翻譯一下好嗎~?(20點)

      The optical type defends the hand earthquake Canon to use firstThe optical type defends the hand earthquake system at the earliest stage by the Japanese Canon in the image stability system(the Image Stabilizer) that 1992...

    • 請英文比較好的人幫忙翻譯一下好嗎~?(20點)

      Article content: The video recording video recording actually may say is one kind of person eye The vision stays temporary has the continual image technology, the simplest example is you in the books edge picture animation, each page of...