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  1. issuing

    • issue的動詞現在分詞、動名詞
  2. 知識+

    • weren't issued feelings?

      很簡單啊!在國防部工作的人都知道的吧! Issue (noun) - 就是發放使用的服裝,工具,武器與設備. standard...月會發放一雙皮鞋. 回到原句: We weren't issued feelings, sir. = 先生,"感情"不是...

    • Issue Summonses

      Issue Summonses: 開出傳票也可以用來當做開出罰單Police to issue ...補充: 請參考

    • 請問issue rules with disapproval

      issue rules with disapproval(爭議的)問題以不贊成裁定 I just translate the... total different from my original translation, because in the sentence, "issue" is a V-ing. Hence, it shall be translated as...