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  1. it's

    • KK[ɪts]
    • DJ[its]
    • abbr.
      = it is;= it has
    • 相關詞
    • ph. 【口】熱鬧(或時髦)的場所(或活動)

    • Judging by the crowds waiting to get in this seems to be where it's at. 從爭先恐後等待進去的人群來看, 這似乎是個熱鬧去處。

    • ph. 誰也不確定

    • It's anybody's guess who actually killed him. 大家都不確定是誰殺了他。

    • ph. 【口】那是某人的倒楣事

    • You're going to fail your exams if you don't work hard. It's my funeral, not yours. “你要不努力, 考試就不會及格。” “倒楣是我自己的事, 跟你沒關係。”

    • ph. 【口】(常用以表示不甚同情)情形無可奈何, 只好盡力而為

    • I've left my purse at home. It's just too bad, I'm afraid! “我把錢包忘在家裡了。” “我看那可沒辦法了!”

    • ph. 【諺】世界可真小(無論走到哪裡都可能碰到或聽說到自己認識的人)

    • ph. 無論某事物價值如何

    • And that's my opinion, for what it's worth. 這就是我的意見, 也別管有用沒用吧。

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    • KK[ɪts]
    • DJ[its]
    • abbr.
      = It is; It has
    • IPA[ɪts]
    • = it is
    • ?它的
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