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    It doesn't matter

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    • it doesn't matter that...

      ...沒關係 正解:In fact, as long as you sleep enough , it doesn't matter whether you go to bed early or late. 我改成 問題一...頭重腳輕,故 whether you go to bed early or late 是被It 所取代 我的文法觀念對不對 請各位大大 幫忙一下...

    • what的用法

      1. It doesn't matter what they say. 這句話是以it當虛主詞, what they say 這...say的受詞.所以你也可以寫成 What they say doesn't matter.英文中常常會出現這種用it來暫時替代原本比較長串的片語或子句,這是一種修辭上...

    • 請幫我中文翻英文(勿用翻譯機)

      It doesnt matter if everyone needs her. Far as...must come back!” I can send one mail each day, it doesnt matter ifit is affecting you, you should let...