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    • It is of no use to+原v (可否替換)

      ...useful=uselessnot harmful=harmlessnot good= ?(請解答) = bad good可以當形容詞和名詞句型:It is of no use to+原形V (.....是無用的)可不可以把use替換成good?→It is of no...

    • used to的解釋?

      ...不再是以前那樣的(快速發展)。」 # ”It is no longer what it used to be.” ← 符合文法:時態一致, ”It is no longer what it was...

    • used tobe used to的運用??

      ...a copy of a submarine known as a turtle, built in the 1700s. It was used to attack British ships during the American Revolution...