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    it makes differences to

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    • 煩請達人指導英文;不痛不癢;

      ...for a choice] not to matter to someone. Example: Pick anyone you like, it makes no difference to me. 隨你選誰﹐對我都不痛不癢(對我都一樣)。 不痛不癢cannot...

    • What difference does it makes?

      ...區分猿和猴嗎? 而造成差別或差異即是 make a difference例句如下: Whether it rains or not makes no difference to me. 下不下雨對我來說都一樣。 I guess this might not make (any) differences...

    • 一些英文問題~(句子翻譯和片語)

      ...他生氣 he made a mistake on purpose = 他故意犯一個錯誤 8. Dose it make any difference to you whether we have our lesson at two o'clock or at three o'clock...