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  1. itemize

    • IPA[ˈʌɪtəmʌɪz]


    • v.
      present as a list of individual items;break down (a whole) into its constituent parts
    • verb: itemize, 3rd person present: itemizes, gerund or present participle: itemizing, past tense: itemized, past participle: itemized

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    • IPA[ˈīdəˌmīz]


    • v.
      present as a list of individual items: I have itemized the morning's tasks

    Oxford American Dictionary

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    • 多益考題解釋_分詞形容詞

      ... personal cellular phone will be reimbursed on condition they present an itemized statement to the Accounting Division. 再精簡成省略關代的分詞句...

    • about Tax return ?

      .../article/0,,id=133517,00.html. But since you're on 1099, you can have itemized deduction so that you can pay a little less. If you want to pay less, you can think...

    • deductible - tax

      1.Yes, but you must have the formal receipt. 2.If the donation amount is not so large or you can't get the receipt, maybe you can pay less tax by choosing the regular deductible amount.