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  1. its

    • IPA[ɪts]



    • det
    • 釋義


    • 1. 它的 turn the camera on its side 把相機側過來 the dog lost its collar 狗的項圈丟了
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    • It有哪些用法?

      it當作介係詞??我沒聽過說~ 2006-11-19 23:23:45 補充...html 上面這裡寫ㄉ很詳細,我幫您找來嚕~ 以「虛主詞it」開頭的句子 1. 以「不定詞(to+原形動詞)」當... English is fun. 2. 要訣: (1) 把「it」句型中的「不定詞(to+原形動詞)」移到句首,並改為...

    • It is 時間 since...的問題

      It is ..... + since....... 的句型通常表示情況有所變化以來,已經多久。所以要注意這句話的意思: It is already three years since he was...規律,那 see 算不算瞬間動詞? 如果是的話,那: It is three years since I saw...

    • 倒裝句 it is

      It was the enthusiast and the pedant who brought down the criticism of reasonable people upon the practice and caused them to condemn it in more sweeping terms than they knew by heart were...