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  1. jammed finger

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    • 名詞複數:jammed fingers

    • 釋義


    • 1. 指關節挫傷,【口】手指吃蘿蔔乾 Janet got a jammed finger from playing basketball. 珍妮特打籃球把指關節挫傷了。
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    • 很急!!我需要用片語造句!

      1. The traffic jam is related to the Liberty Parade today... considered rude to point to others with the point finger. 6. I think of my family a lot while studying...

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      sticky a. 1. 黏的;塗有黏膠物質的;泥濘的 His fingers are sticky with jam. 他的手沾了醬,黏糊糊的。 2. 【口】濕熱的 3. 【口】棘手的,麻煩的 ...

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      ...口語】 (問題等)麻煩的,棘手的 9.【口語】不好賣的,難銷售的 ex: His fingers are sticky with jam. (他的手沾了醬,黏糊糊的) I'll never touch your X...