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    • 輾軋的,刺耳的,不和諧的輾軋聲,震動,沖突
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    • 英文翻譯(jar lid tight) ?

      jar lid tight很明顯是個比喻。用瓶蓋栓得很緊來比喻甚麼呢?請看:http://www.... (CBS NEWS): “The presidential race looks jar-lid-tight. We could be in for a long night, as voters decide whether...

    • tip jars是什麼意思?

      裝小費的罐子。 每個人的薪水都被小費罐(裡的錢)取代。 2008-09-28 11:49:53 補充: 就是用小費來當薪水付,誰喜歡這樣啊?

    • jar of hearts 請幫我改歌詞

      ... 'round leaving scars Collect hearts jar Torn love in addition to You'll catch a cold From ...