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    • 1. 妒忌 He was jealous of Tom's wealth. 他妒忌湯姆的財富。
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    • 麻煩幫我改英文文法!

      ...一種狀態,不是進行的動作) (Kaye) (was) jealous (of) her, (jealous是形容詞,非動詞)(so she) ..., Kaye just copied a part of Ada’s picture, next, Kaye learned...

    • 一些英文單字意思??

      ...greedy for success. 她渴望成功。 @jealous a. 1. 妒忌的[(+of)] He was jealous of his friend's reputation. 他妒忌朋友的聲譽。 Why is he so jealous...

    • 請幫我看文法對嗎~~~快快快

      姑不論這在語意上通不通﹐第三者看不看的懂﹐光從文法上來說就不通了。請改為﹕ hope you`ll be jealous of our hard-won hearts