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  1. jet aircraft


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    • 名詞複數:jet aircraft

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    • 幫我翻成英文~謝謝ㄜ

      ... reservoir, which worry-free path on, daddy's broken vehicle likes the jet aircraft to be equally quick, the daddy opened the mountainous area one-high-one-low pitch...

    • 急!!英文段落翻譯?

      ...reckless or crazy, but are they so different from the daredevil test pilots of jet aircraft in the 1950s? 對多數人來說,最初採用這些科技的人似乎是莽撞或瘋狂的,但...

    • 航空專有名詞英翻中

      ...巴士 waste disposal truck 拉圾車 catering truck 餐車 cargo loader 行李輸送車 aircraft tug 飛機牽引車 2 jet engines at tail high wing plane 置在機尾之雙噴射引擎 double- deck plane...