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    jet boat
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    • 噴射艇
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    • 請問 jet boat和yacht的差別

      A jet boat is a boat that draws water from underneat the boat and pumps it through a jet nozzle to push the boat forward. Jet boats 用噴射引擎的原理, 用幫浦把水強力從船的後面噴射出去. 它不用傳統馬達與...

    • 請幫我把這些英文翻譯成中文

      ...也有漂亮的海灘和森林。 In Queenstown, you can bungee jump, ski, jet boat or climb a mountain. It's a lot of fun. 在皇后鎮你可以嘗試高空彈跳...

    • 急救..請英文高手幫我翻譯以下內容..拜託

      ... very hot, but we have at the same day play the jet coaster, the pirate ship, the jet stream to go boating, the volcano to experience dangers and so on amusement facility, then we also ...