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  1. job rotation


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    • 1. 工作輪調 Job rotation allows workers to become flexible in skills needed throughout the company. 工作輪調讓員工在公司整體所需的技能上有彈性。
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    • 人力資源相關的問題~~名詞翻譯

      ...法) 利用集體思考、參與的方式對某一問題. 的意見或構想相互激盪的技術 10.job rotation(工作輪調) 指有計畫地轉調所欲培養的管理者,從一個部門轉到另一個部門...

    • 請幫我修正英文履歷 (英文高手請進)

      ...輪調過櫃檯及餐廳兩個部門,使我對飯店實務工作有了更多的了解, The job I have ever been worked was between the front desk and ........the restaurand by rotation. In which, it made me more understand the hotel works...

    • 求救~非常急~英文高手幫我翻譯翻譯~

      .... 2. in service training: production of advanced on-the-job training, rotations, management development, trained abroad, study abroad, and the complete training...