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    • 1. 跟隨 We were going for a walk and they joined on. 我們正要去散步, 他們也跟了去。
    • 2. 連接上 Two more carriages will be joined on at the next station. 在下一站將加掛兩節車廂。



  2. 知識+

    • join及in vs. on

      Q:參加校隊、參加露營、參加宴會、參加政黨…等,都是用join嗎? A: 是的,都可以用。還有常用的字是participate (in)。 Q:用”on”還是”in”? A: 口語上(日常生活上)都有人用,只是較正式...

    • 請教英文達人幫我翻譯英文句子

      ...know them encourage him/her to set up their profile and join in on the gaming! 如果你認識他們的話,鼓勵他們設定(填妥)其基本資料檔...

    • 麻煩幫我翻譯~有關終止契約的通知函-贈20點

      ... am writing to advise you that we would like to terminate our join venture on the product "Pelvic Cushion" on the date of May 18th...