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  1. jointed

    • IPA[ˈjoin(t)əd]


    • adj.
      having a joint or joints
    • 釋義


    • 1. having a joint or joints jointed lever arms
  2. 知識+

    • joint is what?

      您應該問 What ia joint ? 您可以善用雅虎字典他的腿有關節炎。 【解】關節 The pipe was rusted at the joint. 管子的接合處生鏽了。 (枝,菜的)附根,節疤 【地】裂縫,岩石的節理 【英...

    • joint

      What does "joint" mean? 名詞: 關節; 接合處 形容詞: 聯合的

    • closed Joint Stock Company的中文

      Closed Joint Stock Company關閉的聯合股份公司 Closed 關閉...合資 Stock Company 股份公司 [片語] 補充 : a limited joint stock company 股份有限公司