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  1. jolly

    • IPA[ˈjälē]


    • adj.
      happy and cheerful;lively and entertaining
    • v.
      encourage (someone) in a friendly way;make someone or something more lively or cheerful
    • adv.
      very; extremely
    • n.
      a party or celebration
    • verb: jolly, 3rd person present: jollies, gerund or present participle: jollying, past tense: jollied, past participle: jollied

    • noun: jolly, plural noun: jollies

    • 釋義
    • 片語


    • 1. happy and cheerful he was a jolly man full of jokes
    • lively and entertaining we had a very jolly time


    • 1. informal encourage (someone) in a friendly way he jollied people along they were trying to jolly her out of her torpor
    • informal make someone or something more lively or cheerful ideas to jolly up a winter's party


    • 1. British informal very; extremely he is jolly busy


    • 1. British informal a party or celebration these events were jollies some regard it as a bit of a jolly