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    • 顎,下巴
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    • cheek by jowl

      ... cheek by jowl 副詞片語沒錯它是由「臉頰與下頜很靠近」延伸成的緊貼...people from every conceivable nationality and ethnicity can live cheek by jowl peacefully and efficiently. (2004, Esquire, May)紐約...

    • 霜降豬肉的英文怎麼說???

      正確名稱應為: Jowl meat(指接近下顎及頸邊這個部位) 一般人稱霜降豬肉, 也有人說松阪豬肉, 因為...

    • Voice lift是什麼意思??超急~~20點

      ...年輕)。 例句: After the tummy tuck, the forehead tightener, the nose job and the jowl trim, something still might be giving away your age: your voice...