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  1. jump

    • IPA[dʒʌmp]


    • v.
      push oneself off a surface and into the air by using the muscles in one's legs and feet;pass over (an obstacle or barrier) by jumping
    • n.
      an act of jumping from a surface by pushing upwards with one's legs and feet;an obstacle to be jumped, especially by a horse and rider in an equestrian competition
    • verb: jump, 3rd person present: jumps, gerund or present participle: jumping, past tense: jumped, past participle: jumped

    • noun: jump, plural noun: jumps

    • 釋義
    • 片語


    • 1. push oneself off a surface and into the air by using the muscles in one's legs and feet the cat jumped off his lap he jumped twenty-five feet to the ground 同義詞 leap, spring, bound, hop, bounce, ... 更多
    • pass over (an obstacle or barrier) by jumping one of the deer tried to jump the ditch 同義詞 vault (over), leap over, clear, sail over, hop over, ... 更多
    • (of an athlete or horse) perform in a competition involving jumping over obstacles his horse jumped well and won by five lengths
    • (especially of prices or figures) rise suddenly and by a large amount pre-tax profits jumped from £51,000 to £1.03 million 同義詞 rise, go up, leap up, shoot up, soar, ... 更多反義詞 fall, plummet
    • informal (of driver or a vehicle) fail to stop at (a red traffic light) she jumped at least seven red lights 同義詞 ignore, disregard, fail to stop at, drive through, overshoot, ... 更多
    • get on or off (a train or other vehicle) quickly, typically illegally or dangerously he jumped a freight train on the German border
    • North American take summary possession of (a mining concession or other piece of land) after alleged abandonment or forfeiture by the former occupant the same long story about the time somebody jumped his claim
    • 2. (of a person) move suddenly and quickly in a specified way Juliet jumped to her feet they jumped back into the car and drove off 同義詞 leap, spring, bound, hop, bounce, ... 更多
    • (of a person) make a sudden involuntary movement in reaction to something that causes surprise or shock an owl hooted nearby, making her jump 同義詞 start, jerk, jolt, flinch, recoil, ... 更多
    • pass quickly or abruptly from one idea, subject, or state to another the book jumps constantly from Brooklyn to Harlem
    • omit or skip over (part of something) and pass on to a further point or stage.
    • (of a machine or device) move or jerk suddenly and abruptly the vibration can cause the needle to jump
    • (of a person) make a sudden, impulsive rush to do something Gordon jumped to my defence
    • make a bid that is higher than necessary, in order to signal a strong hand East jumped to four spades
    • 3. informal attack (someone) suddenly and unexpectedly he was jumped by seven men as he opened the front door of his home
    • 4. informal (of a place) be full of lively activity the bar is jumping on Fridays and Saturdays
    • 5. North American vulgar slang have sex with (someone).
    • 6. North American informal start (a vehicle) using jump leads I jumped his saloon from my car's battery