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  1. jump at


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    • 1. 躍向 The little boy jumped at his mother with joy. 小男孩高興地向他母親撲去。
    • 2. 急切地接受;欣然接受 I gave my daughter a Hello Kitty on her birthday, and she jumped at it. 女兒生日時我給了她一隻凱蒂貓,她欣然接受。 He jumped at the job. 他欣然接受了這份工作。
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      ... not stand in his way. 她脾氣暴躁,不聽人勸告,你最好不要去阻礙他 jump at the chance 抓住機會 He jumped at the chance to be a teacher. 他抓住...

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      ... sensible person will certainly not jump to conclusions. Lora jumped at the request to join forces with us for the job. The man ...

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