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  1. jump blues

    • n.
      a style of popular music combining elements of swing and blues.
    • noun: jump blues

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    • 這名詞是什麼意思?

      ...了屬於節奏感的節奏藍調(R&B)~在40年代後期音樂史上發展所謂的jump blues,而R&B卻秉棄rock & roll的基本風格。R&B...

    • 幫忙組英文句子 謝謝

      1. I can go to a big park and run away my dog . 2. Can you come here to help me go funny theater . 3. It is a little tree and I jump it . 4. My heart in blue is down ,so I find for my love .

    • 請各位幫忙加一些英文的對話句子 "

      ...didn't hear I didn't hear anything.Red: (yell)I see a cockroach.Blue: (jump on the chair)Oh my God. Where? Where? ...