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  1. jump onto

    • ph.
      責備;突然攻擊; 跳上
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    • 1. 責備 He'll jump onto anyone who contradicts him. 誰不同意他, 他就罵誰。
    • 2. 突然攻擊; 跳上 The bus stopped and he jumped onto (it). 公車停下來, 他跳上了車。 They jumped onto the enemy patrol party. 他們向敵人的巡邏隊發動突然襲擊。



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    • onto??onto??

      ...英解:to a position on... 中解:到...之上、向...之上 例句: The cat jumped onto the roof. 那隻貓跳到了屋頂上。 The plate fell onto the floor. 那...

    • 把這段話詳細的由中文翻成英文,不要用翻譯機喔!

      ...! I am Miss Lin. would you keep your child jumping onto the floor over and over again because it does make a big noise. If possible...

    • in, on, into, onto...等差別

      ... on my sofa.在沙發上.Onto = to + on 到...上面去The dog jumped onto my sofa.跳到沙發上去.Over,在...上方 <沒接觸到>...