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  1. jump rope


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    • jump rope是可數名詞嗎?

      jump rope(跳繩) 是可數名詞,複數為 jump ropes 沒錯。 noun, Definition(by Encarta Dictionary):   U.S. rope jumped over as game: a rope that is swung around and jumped over in...

    • fly a kite以及jump rope的問題

      ...: (1) What are you doing? --> I am jumping rope. (2) What are you jumping? --> I am jumping...

    • Things to do in PE class

      ... jacks(不知怎麼翻...[跳]的一種, 在美國暖身時的運動) jump rope(跳繩) hula hoop(呼拉圈) aerobics(增氧運動) dancing(跳舞) 你說的[...