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  1. jump up and down

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    • 1. 上下地跳 Look at the puppy -- he's jumping up and down. 看看這只小狗-它正上下跳著。
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    • 急~~~英文問句是否正確?

      4.Does the teacher jump up and down? à語意奇怪,上上下下跳(或)來來回回跳 No, she doesn't jump up...

    • 有關英文時態用法

      Look at him ---- he ____________ (jump) up and down so happily. ◎ 括弧裡面的是提示字 想請問一下 要使用現在簡單式 還是 現在...

    • 求highcolor RUN RUN RUN 歌詞 +平假名

      ...high Rush to you Rush to you) bounce bounce jumpin' up high jump jump run to the sun up and down jumpin' up high pomppin' up now! いつも苦手(にがて)な朝(あさ) 今日...