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  1. junior

    • IPA[ˈdʒuːnɪə]


    • adj.
      for or denoting young or younger people;for or denoting schoolchildren between the ages of about 7 and 11
    • n.
      a person who is a specified number of years younger than someone else;a child attending a junior school
    • noun: junior, plural noun: juniors

    • 釋義



    • 1. a person who is a specified number of years younger than someone else he's five years her junior
    • British a child attending a junior school first-year juniors the curriculum of top juniors
    • North American a student in the third year at college or high school high-school juniors and seniors
    • (in sport) a young competitor, typically under sixteen or eighteen indoor tennis for juniors
    • North American informal used as a nickname or form of address for one's son he said: ‘there's Junior,’ referring to his son
    • 2. a person with low rank or status compared with others an office junior
  2. 知識+

    • junior high school中文是什麼意思

      We are junior high school students. 以臺灣的學制來說,junior high school students...作對比,jenior是較年幼的,senior是較年長的。 以下舉幾個常見的例子: 1. junior high school 國中;senior high school 高中。high是高的,高等的。 2. junior 大學...

    • ”JR”的意思?

      放在英文名字後面的Jr.=Junior,就是第二代,年輕的 如果在日本看到JR指的就是...

    • middle school和 junior school?

      在日常生活中 middle school 和 junior high school,大概意思都差不多了,指介於小學和高中之間的學校。我不知道你...junior high school。 以年級來說,我們這裡 middle school 是三年制,六年級到八年級。junior high 是兩年制,七年級到八年級。美國別地方有 三年制 junior high,收 7- 9...