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    • 有一些文法上的問題,請英文厲害的人幫忙解答

      ...當主詞時代表一件事,既然為一件事,動詞第三人稱單數,答案動詞部分加s. junior high可以知道是過去式, 前面未來式患為直述句是I will be close to ... be是...

    • 請英文達人幫忙中翻英 謝~

      ...friendship. The work of my junior, who served in the restaurant kitchen aid a year, is... attitude to seriously study and actively managing partner, and therefore get a lot of valuable experience.

    • 改英文作文我第一次寫的

      ...not get along with my classmates well when I was in junior high school, and no one wanted to be my partner when teacher assigned us topic for discussion. I felt very...