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  1. junk food


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    • 1. 垃圾食物(指速食店一般食物);營養成分低的速食 Kids nowadays love to eat junk food every day. 現在的小孩每天都喜歡吃速食。
    • 2. 吸引人但無價值的事物
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    • junk food 為什麼不能寫 garbige food

      ...你冒出個garbage food 美國人可以還要想很久,想想你是要表達什麼。)而垃圾食品 Junk Food 的原意,指的是沒什麼營養的食物。用junk這個字,不是很符合它的意思嗎...

    • 垃圾:junk,trash和garbage這三者的用法?

      ...of low quality Ex: I cleared all the junk out of the garage. 2.Junk food is food that is not good for your health because it is high...

    • 中翻英 (不要按字翻,要正確)

      When it comes to 'junk food', what people tend to have on their minds include all the stuff ... no time to cook nowadays, nine-to-five workers are prone to buy junk food becasue it is more convinent and easier to get. In my...