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    • 垃圾:junk,trash和garbage這三者的用法? because it is high in fat, sugar, or artificial substances. 3.Junk mail is mail, usually advertising products or services...

    • 中翻英 (About SPAM .) 急

      ...recent years concerning the interference of the junk mail.Usually junk mail not outside in anonymous way, it...and don't want a malice dissemination In the traditional mail aspect-don't accept an anonymous letter and don't accept arbitrarily...

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      垃圾郵件和經郵政系統大量寄發的信件有何不同 我想, 應該是比較 "網路垃圾郵件" 和 "傳統實體廣告信件" 的異同吧 您可以發揮得很好的